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We have developed a brand new pop up socket, it's so new we havent even named it yet. this socket hub is exquisite,very special, you could even say it was beautiful.


We are not quite ready to reveal  this work of art just yet, but believe me you will be just as excited as we are.


This product is just what us discerning kitchen designers, kitchen developers and of course the most important person of all the customer, have been looking for.


With the solid surface market being more available and the onset of minimalistic trends, glass splashbacks and large central workstations this product is everything you will need and more.


This socket is the most versatile product available to date, the variations are only limited by your imagination, the quality is special, very special.


For more information and to register your interest you can mail us at the address below, any mails recieved before the launch date will qualify you for a 25% off introductory offer.


We will be releasing more information as the release date nears, so keep us bookmarked and keep checking our site.



development team.



























sorry we didnt make it !!


we are still working on it so keep those enquiries coming in, we are close to  1000 e-mails